A friend introduces me to NaPro Technology

I turned to a friend for help.  I had told her we were going through the fertility treatments, she shared in my joys and sorrows throughout each cycle.  When I told her how devastated I was and how I felt that no one was listening to me, she suggested that I see her doctor.  I was cautious and not overly excited about seeing another doctor, spending more money, and being no closer to conception than when I started.  She explained that her doctor was a bit different than others.  Although he is a licensed MD, he doesn’t use traditional fertility treatments, instead he practices NaPro Technology.  NaPro stands for Natural Procreation and while I’m not a doctor, my understanding of NaPro is that its underlying principle states: if you’re not getting pregnant there must be a reason.  NaPro doctors use the Creighton Model of charting to analyze a woman’s cycle, help her get healthy, and hopefully pregnant.

I wasn’t sold yet.  After having placed my faith in experts to no avail, I was not about to do so again.  After more conversation, and extreme patience on the part of my friend, she convinced me I had nothing to lose.  I wrote the practice and applied for acceptance in their NaPro program.  While I waited for acceptance, my friend informally schooled me in dietary and environmental effects on a woman’s reproductive system.  She talked about the phytoestrogens in soy, and how they interfere with many normal body systems and processes.  She explained that she had completely cut out soy from her diet.  I researched this independently and found some compelling reasons to eliminate soy from my diet.  She also talked about the possibility of petroleum interfering with our ability to conceive.  My first thought was that she was crazy and that I was on the train to looneyville myself, but something nagged at me.  I asked myself what it would hurt to cut out petroleum products.  I couldn’t see any adverse effects other than the $100 it would cost to replace all of my personal care products. Come to find out there was petroleum in my shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, fabric softener, moisturizer, body lotion, soap, makeup, and pretty much anything else that touched my skin.  Seeing that there was so much of it in my personal care products perhaps removing it might make a difference.

After two weeks of a diet free of soy and switching to petroleum free personal care products, something strange happened: the hives that had covered my body on and off for almost two years disappeared.  Prior to the switch I needed to take 3 allergy pills per day to keep from breaking out in itchy, ugly, red bumps.  Within three weeks of going soy free and petroleum free I was also antihistamine free.  Already my life was changing.   I felt better, I was healthier, I started to think NaPro might just work.

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