An Introduction to NaPro Technology:

NaPro picMany of the ladies following my Facebook page have inquired about NaProTechnology.  What is it?  Is it expensive?  Where can you find a NaPro Doc?  What can NaPro do for you?  NaPro has done a great deal for me up to this point.  To read my personal story, check out these posts: A Friend Introduces me to NaPro Technology, First Experience with NaPro Technology, First Visit With My NaPro Technology Doctor, Surgery the Moment I’d been Waiting for, I Had My Laporoscopy Now What?, and Time to Try Again.

This post is not about me.  It’s about you.  In this series I’ll try to answer some of those questions as I educate myself and pass this info on to those who need it.  Whether or not NaPro is right for you is something you have to decide for yourself.  Whatever choice you make, you deserve to have all of the information available.  I’m happy to share some information about NaProTechnology with you.

What is NaProTechnology?

NaPro Technology was developed by Dr. Thomas Hilgers who founded the Pope Paul VI institute for the Study of Human Reproduction.  Whether you’re Roman Catholic or not; you’re probably aware that the Roman Catholic Church does not support the use of birth control.  This was first articulated in a document called Humanae Vitae, which was written by Pope Paul VI in 1978.  NaPro is a reproductive science that ethically observes, diagnoses, and treats a woman based on the unique messages her individual body is sending through cervical mucus.

NaProTechnology stands for Natural Procreation Technology.  If your Rhythm Method alarm is going off, please hear me out before you make your decision.  Like many other methods of tracking a woman’s cycle, NaPro Technology patients chart their cycles using bio-markers.  You start by charting your biomarkers (cervical mucus) using the Creighton Model Fertility Monitoring System.  The charting is color coded and helps you identify days of peak fertility and infertile days.  The system can be used to achieve or to avoid pregnancy.

chart sample

How Can NaProTechnology Help a Woman Living with Infertility Achieve Pregnancy?

Once you chart your biomarkers, you’re able to observe patterns in your cycle and compare them to the patterns which indicate good health.  If you’re like me, you have limited medical knowledge, and may not know what to do if you chart doesn’t follow a regular pattern.  That’s where NaPro Doctors come in.  It’s their job to read your chart and interpret the messages your body is sending.

Through charting, my NaPro Doc was able to diagnose endometriosis that other doctors had missed for 15 years.   I’m not saying that every woman living with infertility has endometriosis, that’s for the NaPro doctors to diagnose.  All I’m saying is that they’re good at what they do, really good.  By reading your individual chart they can identify what is happening inside your body.  Once they identify it, then they treat you as an individual based on what your chart and blood work tell them.

Want to Learn More About Charting? 

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