First Attempt at Going Grain Free

There was no way that I’d be able to cut out all grains immediately.  As I looked at my diet I felt certain that cutting out abreadll grains at the same time was the surest way to fail.  I might as well not even try.  I don’t do well with major changes especially when they are related to my stomach.

My only shot was eliminating grains one at a time.  I could have eggs in the morning instead of oatmeal, no problem.  I actually wasn’t so crazy about oatmeal in the first place.  After a week of that I moved on to another grain, wheat.  I was eating almost two servings of wheat products on any given day.  I decided to cut down to one serving a day and replace the other with a vegetable, one that I would enjoy.

The first few days were difficult, aA wheat field with blue sky backgroundnd I slipped a few times.  Wheat was the major grain in my diet, it was an ingredient in almost all snacks and desserts I ate, and seemed to be part of almost every side dish I ate.  I decided that it might be easier to substitute one grain with another.  After a month, I wasn’t eating any oats or wheat.  I was down to one serving of rice a day and my days were rather torturous.  Friday nights were the worst.

Friday nights have always been an evening out for my husband Frank and I.  Ending a busy work week with an evening out had been a tradition which we began while we were dating, back when we could get dinner for $14.00 at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  These days we’re able to afford a bit more.  Regardless of where we’d dine I always seemed to be denied my favorites.  I couldn’t have the delicious soft Italian bread at our favorite bistro.  The chips and salsa were off limits when we went out for Mexican.  I got really tired of salads and steaks.  Worst of all I felt better, but the 24 pounds I had gained weren’t going anywhere.  I’d lose five and gain back 4.  I was frustrated.

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