First Experience with NaProTechnology

NaPro picIt was a long wait until I had my first NaPro  appointment with Dr. C.  Almost two months passed between the time I was accepted as a patient and the time of my first appointment.  I still wasn’t overly excited about seeing another doctor, but I felt that I needed to pursue every option.  I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I didn’t explore every option.  Then one random Saturday morning I got a call from Dr. C.  I was shocked.  Doctors don’t call patients at home on Saturday mornings, especially patients they haven’t even met yet; this was certainly a first for me.  We reviewed my medical history, after which he apologized for the way that the other doctors had treated me and said he was pretty sure he’d be able to help me get healthy and hopefully pregnant.  He suggested that I begin taking some vitamins before I see him.  We spoke for almost an hour, he asked about my health, explained the way he treated his patients, and the ins and outs of NaPro Technology.   One phone call was all it took, I was sold.   During our first phone conversation, Dr. C. listened to me more than any other medical professional ever had.  When I mentioned my weight gain, he didn’t dismiss it as out his domain; he listened and said that he might be able to help me with it.  He affirmed that my weight gain was not normal.  He also asked that I see a consultant to help me learn to chart my biomarkers so that he would be able to read the chart during our appointment and use it to provide information for my diagnosis and treatment.

chart sample


When it was time to see the NaPro consultant for the first time, my husband, Frank, came with me.  He is one of the most supportive men on the planet.  I am blessed to be married to a man who believes that infertility is not my problem, but our problem.  Together we sat through the hour long introduction to the Creighton Model.  We learned to identify periods of fertility and infertility in my cycle and we learned that the long cycles and endless days of bleeding which I had as a teenager weren’t normal.  We learned that pregnancy might just be possible for us, and we learned why.  There was no fancy language designed to mislead us, or deliberate vagueness as was there with our infertility treatments.

The closer my appointment came, the stranger things got.  My body began to experience the strange bleeding patterns, pain, and long cycles which plagued my teenage years.  Back then, my doctors told me birth control pills would “fix” this problem for me.  The problem wasn’t fixed, it was officially back.  This time I was able to chart it and I had a doctor who took me seriously.

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