First Visit With My NaProTechnology Doctor

I made the 90 minute drive to visit Dr. C., my NaPro Technology Dr.  I was  filled with the type of anticipation that belongs only to children waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.  When the medical assistant let me to the exam room, she checked my vital signs, took my weight- which was up 24lbs from when we began trying, she took a brief medical history and told me that I had come to the right place.  Shortly thereafter I met Dr. C.  He didn’t say very much at first, instead he asked me questions and seemed to really listen to my answers.  He looked at the food diary I had been keeping and told me that the cause of my weight gain was an inability to digest the proteins found in grains.  He explained that because my body could not digest the grains, it was making extra insulin which was making me gain weight.

This was a shock, eating is one of my dearest pleasures in life and I was sure that taking away grains would leave me with a diet devoid of enjoyment.  That however wasn’t the most shocking thing Dr. C. had to tell me.  After looking at my chart and listening to me for almost forty minutes, Dr. C. was pretty sure that I had endometriosis, a condition where the lining of the uterus sheds into the abdominal cavity and forms adhesions around the ovaries, and other organs in the abdomen.  As he continued, he explained that my immune system was working overtime trying to destroy the adhesions and as it attacked the adhesions it was attacking my reproductive system as well.  He said that my best chance of getting pregnant would be after surgery to find and remove the adhesions.  Once the adhesions were removed it would take from nine to twelve months for my immune system to calm down and stop attacking my body.  The good news, he said, was that pregnancy shouldn’t take that long.

I left Dr.C’s office in gleeful shock!  I knew the cause of my weight gain and I finally knew why we were experiencing infertility; better still there was a way to get rid of the pain, the fatigue, the irregular bleeding, and possibly become pregnant.  If I didn’t know better I would swear that I was dreaming.  So many other doctors had told me I was perfectly healthy, they told me that the bleeding and pain were “just part of being a woman,” others told me I was depressed, some doctors had prescribed exercise for my fatigue.  Before Dr. C, nothing had come close to fixing the problem. I had just about given up on doctors.   I finally had answers and I was as excited as I was terrified.

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