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If you’re wondercluelessing about information found on this blog and you’d like to confirm the information with other sources here are some links to help you get started in your research!






NaPro Links:

The hospital where I had my surgery.  Dr. Beiter is the best surgeon on the east coast.  If you’re looking for a NaProTechnology surgeon, he’s the guy to see!

Looking for a NaProTechnology doctor, surgeon, or teacher near you?  Here’s a great place to find them!


Here’s some information about Birth Control pills and how NaPro is a safer more effective alternative to them:


If you’re wondering how letrozole works, this link has a great explanation with a graphic that depicts what it does in your body to raise your estradiol levels and restore proper ovarian function:


A list of ingredients which are derived from corn.  These ingredients are not listed as having any relation to corn but will cause problems if you have a grain allergy or have trouble digesting corn

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