Leading Up To Surgery

awareness ribbonMy first visit to Dr. C.  gave me answers to my two biggest questions: “What was the cause of our infertility?” and  “ Why was I gaining weight without changing my diet at all?”  Dr. C. diagnosed me with endometriosis and said I would need surgery to remove the adhesions.  In less than 60 minutes he had identified the cause of my problem!  Other doctors had said things like, “well that’s just normal for you,”  or insisted that birth control pills were the only way I would be able to find relief from the intense pain, fatigue, and mood swings.

Being diagnosed with endometriosis was not the biggest shock of my visit.  Although I never expected that I’d be diagnosed with endometriosis, I have a few friends with the disease and I’ve heard that after surgery chances of conception are increased.  While I was expecting or at least hoping to find the cause of our infertility, I wasn’t expecting my NaPro doctor to identify the cause of my weight gain as quickly as he identified the cause of my infertility.  I mean, usually, doctors are really good with one system of the body at most, I had never heard of a doctor who didn’t send to someone else when your questions were out of his area of expertise.

Truthfully, the cause of my weight gain left me without words to describe the degree of shock I felt.  Grains?  Really?  Grains were the cause of my weight gain?  I had only heard good things about grains.  How could grains be the cause of my weight gain? The FDA recommends that everyone eat a certain amount of whole grains daily, almost every diet touts whole grains as a way to stay full and eat fewer calories throughout the day.  As I examined the food diary I had been keeping it was easy to see that Dr. C was right!  After examining all the changes the nutritionist encouraged me to make adding whole grains to my diet was one that she insisted on.

weight gain photo




As I tallied up my calories over the time I had been working with the nutritionist, just about a quarter of them came from whole grains.  I had to make a change, but what would I eat?

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