Monthaversary! Celebrating My First Month of Blogging:

birthday cakeMy first thoughts are, “Wow this has flown by quickly!”  That’s not something I’m used to.  Sometimes it seems like each day is an eternity when you’re in the two week wait.  Blogging has given me a purpose for sharing all this.

I’ve been able to connect with some amazing people!  Some whose struggles are similar to my own; and others who need a friend they can talk to on their journey.  I feel truly honored to be that friend.  I know what it means to have someone who you can spill your guts to without fear of being judged.   Thank you for trusting me.

It was my friend, Jordan, who turned me on to NaPro Technology.  Words cannot express the debt of gratitude I owe to her for having the guts to open up about her own struggles with fertility.  Blogging is my way of sharing this blessing with others.

Even though it’s been a month, I feel like I haven’t told you as much about myself as I had planned.  In the coming posts I’ll fill you in about my surgery—a laporoscopy to excise endometriosis, and how much better I feel as a result of my NaPro Doctor’s advice.  Notice I said advice, not medication.  No crazy fertility meds for me.

I feel so blessed to be on this path towards better health and hopefully conception.  Thanks for all of your support.  Your company on this journey has made it seem shorter already!

Here’s the part where I beg for your feedback.  I started Baby Steps And Tears hoping to make information about NaPro Technology and Grain free living accessible to others.  I’d love it if you’d post a question or two to answer in a future post.

Thank You and God Bless!  Love, Catherine.

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