Recovering from the laparoscopy:

The laparoscopy was successful.  They removed endometriosis from my abdominal cavity and a polyp from inside my uterus.  Typically, the recovery period after a laparoscopy is between 6-8 weeks.  Thanks to Dr. C, I was connected with the Gianna Center and  my NaPro Technology surgeon, Dr. B, whose typical recovery time is much shorter.  And thanks to my friend, Jordan, who had experienced the same surgery before I had, I knew to expect that my recovery period would be much shorter, more like two weeks.

gianna center

I’m not good at sitting still, I’m much better at being active.  No matter what it is, I need to have a plan, a to do list with items to check off marking my progress.  For the first few days of my recovery, I kept busy by taking care of myself, making sure I took my advil on time to keep the stitches from pulling and itching.

That worked till we got back home.  I was in much better condition than we expected.  Because Frank would have to return to work immediately, I scheduled different friends and family members to come by during the day to help me let the dogs out and give me a hand with anything I might not be able to do for myself.  Turns out I didn’t need as much help as we thought I would.

My first day home I didn’t have energy to do much, I was grateful that I did have my friend coming by to help me with lunch and for some company.  Thanks to the company of good friends and the support of my husband, Frank; the first week of recovery passed quickly.  Although I had just had surgery, I felt fabulous, better than I had felt before surgery.  Other than the pulling from the stitches, the only side effect I experienced was fatigue, like napping in the middle of the day fatigue.  Since I wasn’t doing anything –other than feeding the dogs—I attributed this fatigue to my body’s need to repair itself after surgery.

My recovery went as smooth as we expected.  After a week, I was able to cook dinner and fold laundry, laundrythought I was forbidden from carrying the laundry basket upstairs.  Within two weeks I was back to work.  I no longer looked like a corpse, as I had on some days before surgery.

The medical report confirmed my health was good.  A friend of mine who is a nurse came by to hang with me on her day off and pronounced that in week one I looked at just about where one of her patients was in week four after a laparoscopy.

This might be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway, if you are going to have any type of procedure related to infertility, I highly recommend a NaPro technology.  If You don’t know where to find a NaPro doctor, I’d be happy to help.

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