My Short Career in Our State’s Foster to Adoption Program… Part I

After more than two years on this journey, we had to consider the idea that we might be called to adopt.  Although we had been trying for more than two years, my hormone levels still hadn’t reached the optimum zone.  Dr. C, my NaProTechnology doctor, was starting to question if my body was truly ovulating.

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Since diligence, not patience, has always been my strongest virtue, my first reaction was not to wait and pray about it, but to research how the whole thing happens.  After talking with friends and gathering information, we decided it was something we’d be interested in knowing more about.

This was an easy discussion for us.  When we were newly married and dreaming of our future family, we always saw either adoption or foster care as part of our family.  We love our careers and having married so young,  we thought perhaps adopting once our biological children were in middle school or high school would be a good thing for us and a child who would benefit from being part of a family.  (I’m aware of how presumptuous we were being, thinking we’d just get pregnant and have as many biological children as we wanted)


We decided that we’d like to adopt a child from our local community and so connected with our state’s foster care / adoption program.  We attended an open house and as luck would have it, we were the only family in attendance.  We got to ask all of our questions and I cried a lot.  Having to tell a total stranger that we were interested in adopting one of the children in their care because we can’t have our own made me feel a little selfish, but it’s the reality we’re living in.  We were looking for a child to foster, and there are plenty of children looking for a home.

We filled out the papers for background checks and made an appointment for our initial home inspection.  Our caseworker told us she’d be looking for two means of egress in the child’s bedroom, making sure that it would be on the same floor as ours, as well as initial overview of our home.  No big deal, we’d just make sure to do the dishes that morning, and make the bed before she came.


Well the day of our appointment happened to be the same day as our (not so) molar pregnancy.  It was quite the day.  By the time the caseworker arrived at our home, we had been through the wringer, but this was important enough for us to keep our appointment.  Our caseworker met our dogs, viewed our home and pronounced it a perfect place for children.  We were told that some more paper work needed to be done and that we might get an invitation to the upcoming foster parents’ class in early September.

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