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My molar pregnancy part I…


Things weren’t quite right.  I had been bleeding brown cervical fluid from day 25 of my cycle. On day 29, my bleeding went to red for a few hours and then back to brown.    Though it was time for my period, I decided to call my charting consultant and check in with her.  She immediately suggested that I call Dr. C, my NaProTechnology doctor.  Dr. C agreed that something was up and that it could possibly be pregnancy.  Off to the lab I went for lots of tests.  Among the numerous tests Dr. C had ordered was an HCG test, HCG is the hormone that is produced once the baby implants in the uterine wall.  I was pretty sure it would be positive since I had so many symptoms of pregnancy.  I was congested, felt uterine pressure, I inexplicably gained a few pounds, my breasts we tender and enlarged, I had hot flashes at night, and experienced fatigue during the day.


I went off to the hospital for the blood work, and had the tests done quickly.  The baby chimes went off as the phlebotomist was drawing my blood.  I took this as a good omen, since I was a bit dizzy, congested, my breasts were swollen and tender, and I was having hot flashes throughout the night.

coffeeThis morning, just before church,  Dr. C called at 9AM.  Typically doctors don’t call patients over morning coffee, but Dr. C is amazing, so I didn’t think anything of it.  When he told me to give my husband, Frank, an extension so that he could listen too, we were a bit concerned.

Dr. C had the results of my blood work and they weren’t  good.  Apparently my body is not producing typical levels of HCG, my HCG levels are 6million.  I’m in my 5th week and my body is producing levels higher than a woman of 12 weeks.  So right away we know something was wrong.

It turns out that when levels are that high; it’s a sign of something called a molar pregnancy.  Dr. C explained that a molar pregnancy happens when an egg is fertilized by two sperm.  There is no embryo, just a placenta that forms and grows out of control.  He went on to say that I’d need to go to a teaching hospital to have a D&C.   I gave him my regular Ob’s name and said he’d call so that I could see her for an ultrasound in the morning.  After we hung up Frank and I embraced, and we cried like we’ve never cried.

I went off to church in tears.  Although I could have stayed home, I felt that I just needed to pray.  It was hard making it through church without breaking down, but it felt good to be there.  I talked with our priest afterwards and filled her in on the situation.  She was very comforting and offered to pray with me, after which I felt a bit better.

After church, my husband, Frank, and I had an appointment at the hospital for more blood draws to confirm the high levels of HCG.  Thanks to the kindness and diligence of the hospital staff, we were able to get our labs even though the hospital lab was technically closed.


As I awaited the results of my blood draws, I spent the afternoon accessing my support network, those friends and blog followers who have been so supportive all along.  Their comforting words and offers of prayer mean so much to me.  As I wait for my upcoming ultrasound and procedure, their kindness gives me such comfort.  Read part II