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Here a grain, there a grain!

Okay, so corn is a grain and doesn’t agree with me, got it.  Didn’t need to learn that lesson twice– I needed to learn it a thousancorn IId times.  I’d be doing great with my weight loss and then all of a sudden I’d start gaining. After two months, I had successfully weaned myself off grains, or so I thought.   The weight wasn’t coming off!  I was eating spaghetti squash, making my own bread using wheat free & rice free flour.  I’d lose a few pounds and then, boom!  They came right back.

By this time I was familiar with the effects of grains on my body.  When I’d cheat, I’ would notice it immediately!  I’d gain at least a pound just from eating two chocolate chip cookies, not to mention the digestive issues that grains caused.  I did not doubt that grains were my problem, and I started to question if I had eliminated them all.

I started to read labels, and not just the labels of foods with carbohydrates.  I was finding grains in the strangest places!  Who would ever think there would be grains in kielbasa, bullion, and tomato sauce? boullion cubes Certainly not me!  But there they were.  Every time I turned around there was a grain hiding somewhere.   Even the flour that I thought was grain free contained sorghum, a less known grain.  There was no way I would ever swear off bread, pasta, and pastry.  Life wouldn’t have much taste in it if I did that.  I had to find some recipes that wouldn’t use grains but would taste like grain based foods.