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Having an it’s not fair moment

A few weekends ago, I had one of those moments that just makes you scream: IT’S NOT FAIR!burger I’m normally pretty good at staying off the pity pot, but I just couldn’t avoid it.  There we were in the middle of a restaurant staring at the delicious items on their menu and all I could think about was that I could hardly eat any of them!  Nachos, corn chowder, mozzarella sticks, salad dressing loaded with corn syrup, breaded chicken, burgers made with bread crumbs.  It was enough to take the joy out of the evening.

Normally, when we go out, I go with a game plan.  I snack a bit before we leave that way I’m not starving, so if the restaurant doesn’t serve any grain free appetizers, I’ll be okay.  Sometimes I’m really organized and I bring my own bread so I can feel a bit more normal.   I skipped step one before we went out and by the time we were seated, I was ravenous.  Facing a dry salad, I opted not to have an appetizer.  This seemed like a good choice until my husband’s nachos came.   It’s not as if nachos were a favorite of mine before I went grain free, they were more of a take’em or leave’em kind of food.  But for some reason watching someone else enjoy foods that are forbidden just did me in.

steakSo you’d think that a juicy sirloin steak would have gotten me out of this funk no way.  When it’s a treat it’s delicious, when it’s your only option on the menu, it’s not so special.  After months of steaks being my only option all I could think of was a deliciously creamy bisque with white flour to make it so thick it coats the back of the spoon.   I wanted French fries deep fried in soy bean oil, or mozzarella sticks, or pie, anything but the grain free diet.

After we left the restaurant, my case of the “it’s not fairs” quickly subsided as quickly as it had come on.  Why don’t restaurants have menus that are more a la carte or at least considerate to dietary needs?  I know, I’m asking too much.   Every once in a while these things just get to me