The Top Ten Reasons Infertility & Endometriosis Are Diseases I’m conquering, They Are Not Who I Am!

With Mothers’ Day Fast approaching, I’m trying to stay positive.  Thanks to all of you who have made me smile and cheered me on this journey.  Your support is awesome.  I decided to pause and count my blessings by creating my own “top ten list”  of reasons that infertility will not define who I am.  Feel free to comment and add your own reasons infertility will not defeat you this weekend.infertility meme

infertility does not define who I am

The Top Ten Reasons Infertility Will Not Stop Me!

10: I can Drink a toast to my pregnant friend while she looks on and salivates!

9: I strut around in my skinny jeans from 3 years ago and look pretty flipping awesome!  (I’ve lost 11 lbs to date)

8:  Eating ice cream for dinner doesn’t mean I’m setting a bad example.

7: Sleeping in till 10AM on a Saturday because I feel like it makes me healthier and gets me closer to pregnancy.

6: I don’t have to give up my crafting habit to pay for toys or baby expenses.

5:  I’ve gotten a minor in gynecology just by reading articles, blog posts, and web pages.

4: I’ve found a community of amazing women to support me on this journey.

3: I have made a lifelong friend who has forever changed my world! (Yeah, Jordan this is you!)

2: I am a healthier person who will be a better mother when this is all over.

1: I am blessed with the most amazing husband who loves me and supports me through everything life can possibly throw at me!

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