Time To try again:

NaPro chartAfter my surgery, I was almost relieved that my doctor made us wait two cycles before we began trying to conceive again.  I didn’t experience the two week wait.  I was actually happy to get my period.  It was exciting to watch the changes in my chart and compare pre-surgery abnormality to post surgery improvements in health.  I didn’t have any more bleeding mid cycle.  I had less brown bleeding before and after menstruation, my cycle length decreased from 37 to between 24 and 28 days.  All because of one surgery! I was in heaven.

Then it was time to try again.  Ug.  I know that without the anticipation and let downs, we’ll never have a chance of conceiving.  Still, trying again meant that we’d be let down month after month until we achieved.  Because we’re using NaPro technology, we’re not using the good old give it a try and see if it happens method.  NaPro isn’t artificial reproductive assistance, but it’s not your grandma’s wait and see eitther

D3I am taking various supplements to help my body ovulate and be an ideal environment for a baby to grow and develop in.  I take 8000IU of vitamin D every day, 500mg of B6, and 500mg of magnesium.  I get my blood drawn every other day before ovulation to check my estradiol levels, then a peak plus 7 blood draw to check my estradiol and progesterone levels.  Dr. C. had me on hormones before my surgery, but I’m not taking them anymore.  He thought that my body would be able to function normally after surgery.  Both my chart and the lab work confirm that he was right.

It’s pretty awesome knowing that my body is getting healthier.  I’m healthier than I’ve ever been in my life.  I have no fatigue, no pain, I should be grateful!  Truly, I am.  But no matter what, I know that I won’t experience that feeling of completion and fulfillment until I hear my own baby’s cry.

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