Waking up from surgery

I enjoyed a nice long nap during which my surgeon removed the endometriosis that was strangling me from the inside.  I awoke to a blurred image of my surgeon telling me that I had stage I/II endometriosis and that it was wrapped around my blury docovaries, tubes, colon, and intestines.  I was pretty woozy and it felt as if I were dreaming.  After an hour or so, the nurses decided I was ready to head up to the same day surgery recovery unit and asked if I had any food allergies before they ordered my meal ( I was not allowed to eat anything after lunch the day before and I was pretty hungry).  I tried to explain that I have an allergy to grains and soy, but I don’t think I was very articulate as I was still a bit woozy from the anesthesia.

The nurse thought I said I had a gluten allergy, so I tried to explain that gluten is the protein in wheat and that while I have a gluten allergy, I’m also allergic to the proteins in all grains including those in corn.  Looking back on this, I probably sounded like a drunken nutrition professor as I tried to explain it all.  The nurse and I weren’t able to work it out so she decided  the nurse in the recovery unit could deal with this and sent me upstairs.  At least I got some ice before they sent me up.

In the same day surgery recovery unit, I was blessed to have the best nurse ever, Marlene.  The transport up to the same day nurse & patientsurgery recovery unit made me a bit nauseous, so when Marlene asked if I wanted to eat, I refused because of nausea.  Marlene wasn’t having that.  Within a minute she had some anti-nausea meds in my IV and within 5 minutes I was hungry.

Like the nurses in the recovery room, Marlene asked if I had any food allergies.  This time I was able to explain myself much better.  Marlene understood, but she had some difficulty explaining it to the folks in the kitchen.  Finally, she gave up and went down to the kitchen herself.  When she returned, she brought chicken, green beans, broth, and potatoes.  She was a God send.  After she brought me dinner, she helped me dress and got me on my feet.

After I was up and walking for a few hours and had passed all the usual bench marks for discharge, we headed back to our hotel.   After covering my incisions with gauze, I went right to sleep.  The next day, I awoke without eyelids, okay not really.  Because of all the IV fluids, I was swollen and bloated beyond belief and truthfully, you couldn’t see my eyelids they were hidden inside my puffy face.

In addition to being puffy from fluid my body was bloated with the gas they injected into my abdomen.  The gas moved around and it was a bit painful.  Thankfully, included in my post-operative instructions were some hints on dealing with the pain from the gas they injected into my abdomen.  The paperwork suggested that drinking tea and walking around would help the gas stay in my abdomen.   Well, I drank tea like no one ever had before.  In those first 24 hours I must have drank at least 14 cups of tea and walked 5 miles around my hotel room.  It worked; the IV fluid made its way through my body quickly, the gas stayed put and within 36 hours it was gone.  Truthfully my first 48 hours after surgery couldn’t have gone better.

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